• Bangkok A to Z .com - everything that you want to know about Bangkok and especially the Washington Square area.

  • Ricks Cafe - Planning a trip to the Philippines? If you've been to Angles City, you've been to Rick's Cafe. If you haven't, you may start planning a trip there after a visit to this web site!


  • Moonshine Place -  A nice and clean Guest House in the heart of  Jomtien.  About  two and a half hours from Bangkok.  There you are about 30 meters from the beach.  Our rooms are clean with cable TV - hot water  -  air-con and a safe in each room.  Texas style Bar-B-Cue on Saturdays. Golf  on Thursdays about 9:00 am  and Return to the Moonshine afterwards for a cold beer and award the prizes. We have a friend staff  waiting to serve you.



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